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Egg + Pepper Jam Flatbread

 1 package of refrigerated pizza dough (cut into 5 portions)
 1 tbsp Pepper jam
 2 tbsp Mango chutney
 1 Egg (soft boiled)
 1 tbsp Sour cream (or plain yogurt)
 Salt & Pepper to taste

Start by cooking a soft boiled egg (I use my instant-pot, set to manually cook for 1 minute, immediately remove when the timer goes off, then run under cold water to stop the egg from cooking).


Separate your pizza dough into 5 portions


Gently roll out or pull your pizza dough into long oval shapes. Warm your pan over medium heat with olive oil to coat the pan.


Place your dough into your pan and cook on both sides (flip when bubbles start to form and the dough loos cook halfway up the thickness).


While your dough is cooking, combine your chutney and jam in a small bowl.


Once your flatbread is done cooking, spread your chutney & jam mixture, add cream (or yogurt) and top with soft boiled egg.