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S’mores Cake Pops

Yields1 Serving

 2 Bags of chocolate chips
 1 Box of cake (and the ingredients you need to make the cake
 1 Pack of graham crackers
 1 Can of frosting
 1 Tub of fluff
 Plastic sandwich baggie
 Lollipop sticks (optional: I used for a few, but not for all)

Start by making your cake according to the package. (don’t worry about the size pan you use, you’ll be crumbling the cake when it’s cooled)


While the cake is cooking add your graham crackers to a baggie and crush them. Leave some pieces bigger so you’ll still be able to see & crunch them in the finished product. This is also a good time to add a few spoonful’s of fluff to another baggie too.


After the cake is done, let it cool off. Then, using a fork, go through and crumble the cake. Be sure to break up any large pieces (refer to visu


Starting with two big dollops of icing, begin working it into the crumbled cake. I ended up using between 4 & 5 spoonful’s.


Once you’ve got the mixture almost fully combined, add in your crumbled graham crackers.
***reserve some for sprinkling after dipping in the chocolate


Mix fully, and then using your hands or a scoop, create the balls (ugh!). Once your done put the in the fridge on a plate or a parchment lined pan until they become firm.
***Tip, reserve 1 or 2 of these rounds for a later step


Once you’re the cake is firm, you’ll be able to handle them enough to put an indent in the center. Cradle it in your hand, and using a finger push a little past halfway down.


Then with the baggie of fluff (cut a hole in the very corner of the bag creating a piping bag effect) fill that hole (not too much) with marshmallow goodness.


After filling with fluff, pinch it closed and roll it back into a circle and put them back into the fridge to chill. (about 20 minutes)
*** Here is where you’re you’ll use those extra pieces of cake mix. If you over filled, pinch some of the cake mix off from your reserve to ensure your rounds don’t have too much exposed fluff.


OK, time to melt your chocolate. Empty 1 bag of chocolate into a bowl at a time, and microwave for 40 seconds to start with. Continue to melt in 20 second intervals if the chocolate is not melted. For lollipops, be sure to add a bit if chocolate right there the stick and cake meet to create a seal.


Last step is to roll your cake rounds in the chocolate; you’ll want to move pretty fast here. I went back and forth between using a spoon and a skewer to roll them in the chocolate (I found the spoon to be easiest).  Then after they’re coated, transfer them back on to the pan and give them a little sprinkle of the graham cracker reserve, then put them back in the fridge. To fully harden, allow them to set up for about an hour.